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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Don't You Just HATE the Dodgers?

If I had a Vote Dodger Blue Would be Banned

Its time to open up another bottle of Dodger hatred.

What is it about them that is so despicable? Is it Los Angeles itself we can't stand? Fake, sprawling, full of plastic dieters and movie stars. Where a tan is more important than actual talent or personality, dark blip shameful portion of the California map. I could go on for days. Or maybe we can't stand the team. Every year they seem to stock their roster with the 25 ugliest guys they can find and shove 'em into that disgusting blue white combo. Or maybe its their fans, arrogant, obnoxious, and yet can't be bothered to arrive before the third, or stay after the seventh. Sure you draw 3 million a year, but 4 innings isn't exactly a committment. I guess its safe to say I don't know exactly why we hate 'em, but its not like we don't have a bunch of reasons.

To be fair, they don't like us people up here either. They see us as snobby wine drinkers, and they're right. We just happen to honor class over popularity. Sue us.

This start we are off to here is great but we need to not let up. The national press has angered me. Did you know the most common placing by national writers as well as the Baseball Prospectus (which started out cool, but has become an ego fest full of people now thinking they're swamis with actual power over what happens.) was for the Giants to finish fourth, behind Arizona! That should get to the players as well, they'll tell you not, but they are human beings. I think a sweep of the Dodgers will go a long way in telling this league what it is we are made of. The negative counsels main argument right now is we haven't played any real teams. (That's how they state it, too, like the Braves were nobodies.) Well the Dodgers aren't exactly a real team (tongue in cheek) but I guess they're real enough to prove a point. Tonight we need to invade Mannywood and show those Southern Cali bozos how to play ball. I gotta tell you I have so many more choice words than bozo, but I have declared this a family column.

This will also mark the first Giants-Dodgers series since I believe 2005 without Fred Lewis on the 40 man roster. Despite Barry Bonds going out of his way to tell us that Fred was going to be a superstar, he never amounted truly to anything. He was a threat, and definitely had power, but he had very little clue as to how to use it. His homeruns were accidents where he ran into a ball. I saw him hit a splash hit, so the power was there, but completely un-utilized. I hope he has a better run in Toronto than Todd Linden had in Florida. I wouldn't mind Fred taking a page out of Rajai Davis' book. He has had a nice little time in Oakland, and will probably be a part of their plans for at least a few more years. It's the same with Frandsen in Boston. I would love to see Kevin become the other part of the keystone combo with Dustin Pedroia. I hate seeing people have bad careers, I mean that. I really would not mind seeing Fred Lewis hit 30 homers and drive in 100 for the Jays, because while that probably won't happen there, it definitely wasn't going to happen here. Some will say environment changes nothing, I say it changes everything. Such a giant portion of this game is mental, and your head's state affects all your actions. That's just common sense.

Ok, so what did we cover today? So long Fredd-o, hello jerks in blue. The sweep starts tonight, we are gonna light up Padilla. The most common picked team to finish first in the NL West is running Vicente Padilla out there as the 1st starter. How can we not CRUSH the competition. Some are gonna babble about it being to early, but the past few years it didn't take me this long to declare we weren't any good. I'm saying it right now. We are going to the playoffs this year, and when we get there our pitching is going to make the competition look dumb. C'mon let's go as Ritchie Valens once said, to the playoffs. Ride the train with me. You root for the best team in baseball. I know this game, I've watched it for years, and only two teams made me feel like this. '93 and '01. Ok so neither ended up being a playoff year, but that just means the law of averages is on our side. Simple math shall guide us. Never forget, either, I'M THE REALISTIC ONE.

p.s. the first article I wrote defended Sabean, hmm...where'd all the haters go? Also jeez louise Sharks, if you lose to the Avalanche I SWEAR I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER HOCKEY GAME

(Feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


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