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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Don't Blame Zito, Blame Boch


Ok, ok, now before we start babbling about Zito sucking, or how Affeldt should have pitched the eighth, let's remember that this team will not win very many games in which it only scores one run. Perhaps it was simply a matter of them (the Dodgers) running into us at the right time pitching wise. They got Timmy on Saturday, put out the Mickey Mouse Club on the field, conceding the loss, and did their best to win the other two days. They did just that. The 10-8 loss on Friday was not that close. Yesterday's game, I must admit, I felt a loss coming on. The Dodgers just seemed like they needed/wanted those wins more. That being said, with Rowand and DeRosa in the lineup yesterday I think we still win. However, that hanging slider Romo threw would still get hit out. I guess if I had to second guess I would have had Barry pitch to Manny, sort of. I would have had Barry four pitch walk him, and then brought in Romo to face Furcal. I know, I know lefty righty, but sometimes you gotta realize that fresh arm vs. lessened power threat is an obvious choice. Affeldt should have been up as well. Or Runzler...a lefty I mean. You have to figure a right handed hitter off the bench was gonna hit in the ninth spot, and being that it was also guaranteed to be no worse for the Dodgers than down 1-0, you had to know it was gonna be Man Ram whether Garret Anderson reached or not. Sometimes baseball's unwritten rules and tradition get ya.

I guess that means you can hang that loss on Boch. He ran Romo out there simply for the righty on righty situation, and he didn't walk Manny because tradition states you should never put the go ahead run on intentionally. Well brothers and sisters when said go ahead run has a better chance of scoring from home than from first, maybe its time to buck a little tradition. What do I know, though? I wouldn't have even let Barry start the eighth to begin with. I would have ran the aforementioned Affeldt out there. Maybe there's something I don't know. Perhaps Affeldt wasn't feeling the best, which is why overall I give Boch the benefit of the doubt and retain my confidence in him. I must wonder though, if in all three of Timmy's starts so far he hasn't earned the right for an eighth inning, why the hell did Zito?

Enough about that series, we now have a difficult task ahead of us. Recently a friend and I discussed why we thought Velez would be the better lead off hitter. I dismiss it as I find nowhere for him on the field, and my pal's plan involved benching Renteria in favor of Uribe, a plan that makes sense, but with Edgar's salary, and supposed good health, will not happen. Well we sort of got our wish, I guess, thanks to one of the largest boneheads in baseball. What is the matter with Vicente Padilla? The guy has good stuff, and can be downright baffling. Why he feels the need to run one up at people's heads is beyond me. This is no isolated incident, as he was run out of Texas last year BY TEAMMATES, who were sick and tired of his head hunting ways. People like him should be run out of baseball. That's another hiccup as well, as my theory on Velez improving the lineup from the top position is a theory that still involves Rowand playing and occupying a spot in the order. I think we are gonna miss him more than we would like.

Then on top of all of that we are going to our own personal house of horrors, Petco. We have had the most difficult time winning there as of late, and getting swept there seems so possible. We need Matty to have a good outing tonight, to set us up on the right track. The Padres do look improved, but still, come on, two out of three must be done. Look for game three to be one of the first make or break starts for Wellemeyer. If he has a good outing he will buy himself probably two more starts to stink before he raises the ire again. If he does poorly on Wednesday look for the discussions on who is pitching better, whether that's Bumgarner or not, down in Fresno. No pressure Todd.

Let's not get too down. I hate losing to the Dodgers just like you, but hey, we were not going to win every series this year. It does add a sting that LA gave us our first series loss, but we played well, didn't get swept, and it was at Chavez Ravine. If you want to remove this taste, you just sweep them when they visit, which isn't until June. Plenty of time for Rowand to heal and then earn a suspension on the first anywhere near him pitch Padilla throws.

Vicente Padilla...what a rat.

(Feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

1 comment:

  1. I can't agree more about Padilla, that sort of crap has ZERO place in baseball at all. I don't care about brush back pitches or 85 MPH fastballs "that get away" and hit someone in the back but anybody who is suspected of head hunting one bit needs to have the best player on his own team pick up his Louisville Slugger and when he is chilling in the locker room fake swing it at his head and see if he gets the message. Just kidding on the last part they should just get one chance after a 25 game suspension and if it happens again they don't play MLB again. To me this is probably the single most dangerous play in sports besides maybe boarding or whatever in hockey.

    Unfortunately it looks right now like your sweep prediction at Petco is coming true, man we have a brutal schedule this month. I predict things could get kind of ugly to close the month, .500 ball at best but it will be OK because it will even out once we get to a more normal part of the schedule. I mean really Dodgers,Padres,Cardinals,Phillies, Rockies that is pretty much the class of the NL in a nutshell.