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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Baseball Players have Feelings and Emotions...SURPRISE!

Armchair Managing: You're Always Right and You Can't be Fired!

People, people! We need to calm down. I listen religiously to KNBR and I was almost laughing at the MAJOR meltdown that has occurred over one decision. You should be so unfortunate as to have every move you make this scrutinized. People wanna make this cut and dry, like there is some such things as good decisions and bad decisions in some arbitrary sense, but it just isn't true. There are just decisions and the outcome will vary greatly over time. Think of the fact that it was a fluke flyball that beat us, not removing Lincecum. The same fluke flyball could've happened with Lincecum on the mound, although he's become so sainted in this area that we would have forgiven that. It comes down to this: you guys love Timmy, and that is awesome, but you would have him throw 350 innings a year, completely trusting his father's theory that he will never get hurt. With all do respect to Chris Lincecum, what MLB affiliated entity did you work for? You were the pitching coach where? To be fair I give him credit for developing the motion, but so far he has one test case, and that case is only 25 years old. In the reality of things Tim is but 1 of 25 players. You have to show others-you know fellow human beings with emotions and feelings-that you trust them in situations as well. Brian Wilson 9 times out of 10 gets that save. To not bring in the closer in a save situation partially says I don't trust anyone but Timmy to get these outs. I realize that those of you who complain really do feel that when he is on the mound, but other pitchers need work too, and the season is in its early stages.

You guys would have crucified me, as I would have removed him after 7. Affeldt is the 8th, Wilson is the 9th. That's how it should be day in and day out, especially when we have a slim (3 run or less) lead, REGARDLESS of who started. You, as a manager, have to show the whole team you have confidence in all of them. I also would have been jumping at the chance to keep timmy to 90 pitches after a 120 pitch outing in his last start, which were not 120 normal pitches, but 120 pitches of pure will and stress. Yes, I hear your complaints coming, the pitch count is overrated right? Back in the old days guys pitched 20 complete games a year and every fourth day, right? This is just more traditionalist crap. Have you ever checked how many short pitching careers occurred in those eras? Have you paid attention to how much more physically demanding the motions, especially wind-ups, have gotten? Have you noticed the fact that players are paid more these days and thus constitute more of a care for your investment attitude? You probably still don't care, but I personally think its a good thing. I'm not interested in Lincecum getting six more outs when in the long run we could be building towards years and years on a career. This is something that the overwhelming majority of baseball experts have agreed upon. Maybe once in a while you should concede that perhaps, just maybe, they know more than you do. I don't care what Nolan Ryan says. It's pretty easy for a 27 year careered freak to think a game's gone soft. Willie Mays has slightly bothered me for years with the arrogant things he says about baseball, and today's players. Hey Willie, the game was easy for you, of course that's what you would have done, you are baseball's version of deity sent to earth. Don't read too far into that... I love Willie Mays.

Before the royal we starts babbling too much let's cover some realistic ground to help us all chill out.

-No one is 2nd guessing Boch more than Bochy himself. It also must be remembered that baseball sometimes seems like an autonomous sport, as evidenced by the fact that the manager has to wear every decision, which is just fine, taking responsibility is a good thing. However, I am sure that Wotus and Rags had opinions as well, and we don't get to hear those.

-Brian Wilson needed work. He hasn't had many save oppurtunities this year, and we were going into an off day. It's not necessarily that Bochy didn't think Lincecum could finish, he just saw a way to kill two birds with one stone. Most times he comes in and shuts the door, and despite many callers lies about how they would have called to complain about Lincecum's removal anyway, no one would be talking about this if he did. People say you can't worry about getting people work, you have to play for today. Nice sentiment, but in a long season, I'm sorry, not every game is the 7th game of the World Series. I realize that's how you'd manage, at least until your quadruple A squad frustrated you so much you'd quit, having put all your good players on the DL.

-The offense is heating up just in time for the Rockies.

-We came back. We could have let a lot of things deflate us in that game, such as the fluke fly or Velez's awesome defense, but we didn't, and we still were in a position to win in the 11th.

-Affeldt and Wilson are bound to have tough outings every once in a while, we got both out of them out of the way in one game.

-MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: We just took 4 out of 6 from the two of the best teams in the league. We came within 3 feet of Nate Schierholtz glove, and three inches of foul territory, from sweeping the Phillies. It is so easy to say in hindsight that you wanted Timmy out there and Boch lost the game, but that's not what beat us, Werth getting lucky did. We are 12-9 people in a long season, let simple math guide you. It projects to 94-68. I'm pretty sure that's worth a playoff spot.

It was one game partners. Calm down.

(feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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  1. Well said. It took me about three days to get over their loss against the Phillies and after that I realized we're getting too worked-up over a loss in the beginning of the season. It's been a couple of years since I've been this excited about the Giants at the start of the season and we just need to enjoy this moment and the Giants' great start of this season. We just had a great homestand- six wins out of nine games! =)