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THE REALISTIC GIANTS FAN: Pain and Petco One and the Same

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Painful. Like having a tooth pulled. That's how it feels to watch the Giants play in San Diego. What does that ballpark hold over us? I guess we are slightly ahead of pace. When we left San Diego for the first time last year we also had 7 losses. However, we only had 2 wins as compared to the 8 we currently have. Krukow pointed out that we went 0-6 on last year's trip and this time we went 1-5. Baby steps I guess. I think the most painful part last year, though, was going back to Petco the next time, and getting swept again. The Giants spent the whole year trying to make those games up. The Padres were woeful last year. We should have been able to win 4 of those games. By the way, how many games did we finish behind Colorado last year?

These past few games have reminded me a lot of last year. The bullpen only seemed to be able to keep leads last year. If they came in behind it seemed they could rarely keep it close. Waldis Joaquin came into a 7-2 ballgame where we were starting to show signs of life after Aaron Rowand got beaned. Immediately Waldis came in and lost all track of strike zone, and deflated our hopes single handedly. His two runs that he gave up ended up being the difference in a 10-8 final. If he comes in and shuts them down, I think we make a comeback. But when you score two runs, and then they are immediately handed back, well, it just kills ya. Sometimes the bullpen seems to forget that holding runs is the objective, NO MATTER WHAT, even if it does seem like we have no chance of coming back. I don't have the stats in front of me right now, but it also seems like the bullpen has been allowing quite a few inherited runners score. This was one thing the bullpen shined at last year, leaving games the same way they found them.

How nitpicky of me, I must say, for me to pick on a poor bullpen that is being given NO LEADS. Hello, Offense? Where the hell did you go? I guess more bone chips loosened up in Edgar's elbow? Perhaps that would explain why last year's Renteria has decided to rejoin us. I do realize that it doesn't help that our leadoff hitter, who was off to a good start, has been removed, and we spent a few days without DeRosa in the lineup. These things don't help, and we will improve again at full strength. Rowand is out for over a week more, though, and in the meantime we need to score some runs. Perhaps DeRosa's return mixed with the team's return to the friendly confines will wake this team up. I sure hope so. This was supposed to be an easy year. A year where I got to tell everyone that I told them so. Sure Vicente Padilla and DeRosa's hamstring haven't cooperated, but injuries happen. You have to be able to win through them, and, more importantly, you have to make good starting pitching hold up. We have wasted a few efforts of late, and that is not conducive to winning. This team has to take advantage of every oppurtunity. I shudder to think of the nights on the back end of this where we score a bunch of runs and still lose.

Time to look over your shoulder, Todd Wellemeyer. Turns out Joe Martinez (see earlier post to see how Martinez, not Joaquin, would've made my team.) is tearing it up in Fresno. Hmm, I see a quick solution. Joaquin, back to Fresno, Martinez to the big club, Wellemeyer to the bullpen. Once that happens (and it will soon) it will be a countdown to Bumgarner. As soon as he shows the faintest signs of consistency it will then be Bumgarner to the big club, Martinez to either bullpen, or back to Fresno, Joaquin coming back if he tears up the minors in the interim. There will be no Fresno for Wellemeyer, just a Jamie Wright/Dave Roberts adios big fella! Check is in the mail. Look for this chain reaction to begin with one more poor outing. Also Pucetas is a candidate as well.

Boy Bowker returned to earth, huh? Nice experiment, get Schierholtz out there full time.

So, no need to panic just yet. It's Timmy Win Day people! Ubaldo Jiminez has figured out how to go 4-0, so this should be a cake walk hour for an, dare I say, improved Tim Lincecum. Velocity down? BFD, control is up, and that curve is FILTHY. I didn't realize how little he really threw it last year until I saw him bust out a bunch this year. I have personally been on the fence about his two Cy Young Awards so far. I thought down the stretch in 2008 that Johan Santana did everything he could to keep the Mets from imploding, which they did anyway. I would have voted for him. Last year I thought Chris Carpenter deserved it, as he helped his team get into the playoffs, and Timmy kind of faltered down the stretch. Plus, say what you will about the stats, but um, Timmy was 15-7 last year. Those numbers kind of fly in the face of what the award means to me, being that Cy Young is the all time wins leader. Now Timmy is gonna win it for a 3rd straight year, and this will be, I suspect, his easiest ride there. So yes it is Timmy Win Day. If we lose today, with the perspective of a Zito who has been pitching out of his mind lately going tomorrow, this could get ugly with a loss. Zito, I fully expect, is due for an implosion start. I thought it was going to be against the Pirates, but I was wrong. I kinda just wanna get it out of the way.

'Til next time.

P.S. What a satisfying win last night for the Sharkies. I kinda figured the whole series was gonna go like that.

(feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)


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