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Things are Starting to Take Shape...Right?

I have now emerged from my college basketball cocoon, and am ready to refocus on my true passion after the momentary distraction. What a tournament so far, huh? My bracket is just like yours, busted, as only people who had no clue what they were talking about could have predicted what has occurred. That being said it sure has been fun watching all these upsets, and, being from Northern California and having to hear about how the East Coast is better at everything, I am really enjoying this run by St. Mary's. Enough about all of that though, this is after all a baseball column.

The dvr is the most wonderful thing ever invented. I have not willingly watched a commercial in a rather long time. The only thing that has cost me is I am a little behind on what new movies are coming out, but I'll live. These past few days the dvr has not only allowed me to start the games a little later and thus enjoy wall to wall commercial free basketball, but also to record a spring training contest between our boys and the Reds. I must say my earlier thoughts on Todd Wellemeyer may be a little off, but I would still much rather see him as a long reliever than the fifth starter. Bumgarner however has not complied with a very good spring. When it comes down to it if Wellemeyer, a veteran, earns the job then you best give it to him. Imagine though a club with an on key Bumgarner and what you get is a major upgrade over Joe Martinez. I fully expect the Giants to keep someone like Martinez in the bullpen to spot start and long relieve if Wellemeyer gets the slot. If neither Bumgarner nor long shot Kevin Pucetas (who is also having a fine spring) win the fifth starter spot then you can fully expect them to occupy two parts of the Fresno rotation. These guys are starters, and they are gonna stay that way. I could feel last year, especially with how limited and tenderly they did it, that the Giants were not at all crazy about trudging Bumgarner out from the bullpen. His start replacing Lincecum last year was just that eye opening, though. They couldn't demote him after that.

We are getting down to the spring nitty gritty here. Things are supposedly becoming more clear, but really, are they? I am imagining that the Giants are going to open the season with just eleven pitchers seeing as their is an influx of off days to open the year, but I have been wrong before. Using that model leaves 14 spots. If you remove the foregone conclusions (Molina, Huff, Uribe, Renteria, Sandoval, DeRosa, Rowand, Schierholtz) that leaves you with six. We got the news over the weekend that Sanchez will likely be out most of April, and when he returns he will lower that number to five, and the Giants will probably have twelve pitchers by then, so it will most likely be at four, but we will deal with that later. To me John Bowker must be on this team. We are so starved for power, and John has provided us with glimpses, as well as a very impressive minor league track record. Eugenio Velez has nothing left to prove at triple A and must do the rest of his improving at the major league level. Velez combined with Andres Torres also making the roster could provide some much needed late inning speed, and Torres late inning defense. Here's where it starts being tough. Eli Whiteside or Buster Posey? When you put those two names together it doesn't seem like it should be such a tough choice. I personally would like to see them open the season with both, utilizing Posey as a utility infielder/3rd catcher. This for some reason, though, feels like a stretch to me. I have a sneaking suspicion they will go with Whiteside. Kevin Frandsen has the dreaded remaining option, which means that Travis Ishikawa will make the club and once again we will be forced to deal with the presence of Fred Lewis. All over the message boards people are screaming for us to trade Lewis. For what? If you were the other team, would you want him? If they did keep Posey and Whiteside that would only leave room for Ishikawa, and I would like that just fine. That would FORCE us to designate Lewis for assignment where he will be picked up by someone else, and perhaps have a chance being productive somewhere else. It ain't gonna happen here.

I would also like to see Frandsen start the year in Triple A so that option may be used up and we can take one step closer to his eventual release. Kevin from what I can gather is rather arrogant. Even his preseason interview with Chris Haft, where he declared himself void of arrogance, reeked of arrogance. He depends too much on the skills he has drummed up in his head and thus gets in his own way. He at one point dominated high school and college pitching, and then forgot to improve. He holds his own at triple A, but that is about all he is good for. If he had stayed healthy I think we're dealing with an Andy Fox at best. Don't remember who he is? Exactly. (In an interesting side note I believe Andy Fox has two World Series rings.)

All in all I must say I was pleased with the Giants overall performance on Saturday. Wellemeyer pitched well, Huff hit a monstrous homerun with what has now become my favorite swing on the team, and perhaps most importantly Edgar Renteria looked sharp. Renteria made two fine defensive plays and pulled a homer down the left field line. Supposedly making backhands and pulling the ball were the two biggest challenges for him last season, and he did both with ease. I know I keep saying this but I'm getting ready for an exciting year. I also like very much the fact that to a man in interviews this team is talking October. They feel it it too, I'm not crazy. In fact I'd say I'm being very realistic.

(The Realistic Giants Fan appears on Mondays and Fridays when my internet decides to work, and I'm not in a college basketball coma. Feel free to contact me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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  1. How about St. Mary's, so cool with the Samhan. Anyways I think Lewis might be worth something later after some teams have injuries, but I agree right now now way.