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I haven't written anything in a while, but then there hasn't been much to say. Yes Lincecum signed his deal, Byun-Hyung Kim joined the fold, and now Todd Wellemeyer has come along to challenge Madison Bumgarner for the fifth starter role. I see those stories as King's things to follow. I'm here to report a realistic fan perspective after the fact, and maybe give you some insight from many years of experience in fandom. Now that pitchers and catchers have reported the real meat of things is about to begin. I am ready to begin my first year of analysis following my favorite team. Believe it or not I am honored to report to both of you who read this article. Which reminds me, if anyone does read my run on mularkey, please say something in the comment section. I often wonder if you really exist.

That being said, I guess I kind of have to comment on the Lincecum deal. Yes, it's good to not have to worry about next year and arbitration, but if you're gonna do a multi-year deal can't you get more than two done? I appreciate that there are behind the scenes details that we are not privy to, but I just can't wrap my mind around how more years doesn't benefit both sides. Lincecum feels indestructible right now, and that's to be expected. He's young and hasn't even sniffed serious injury yet. (Though do not forget the missed start last year with back problems) I get why he is cocky enough to think year to year might be his best course, but what confuses me are his agent and father. Two people old enough to know better. They should be pushing him towards a four or five year deal. Would it leave money on the table? Possibly, but think how much money it kept on the table for Noah Lowry. He seemed like a new horse at one point, didn't he? I believe he was 26 or 27 before his breakdown started, and it was unexpected. I obviously don't want Lincecum to break down, I want him to pitch 'til he's 50, I just can't help but think going so slowly is a mistake, in the name of a few extra million.

If Todd Wellemeyer starts the season as the fifth starter, we're in trouble.

Ahhh...ARIZONA! My favorite springtime location. I must admit that I've now gotten old enough to feel like last season just ended, and have felt this way the last few years, but that doesn't mean I don't remember when the end of the World Series and the first day of Spring Training seemed like a decade apart. Maybe when you get older time moves quicker, or maybe the World Series used to end on October 15th, and spring Training didn't begin until March 1st, aesthetically adding a month. Who knows? Who cares? It's back and that is all that matters. I wonder why it even has to go away. Just play the whole damn year like a real job. Actually it would be unnecessary, because for some of us it doesn't end. I didn't go one day this winter without peering in on the MLB Network at least once. I'm just as bad with the NFL Network in that offseason. Isn't it great that now with the Super Bowl being pushed back a week we truly only have to deal with about a week and a half of no officially sanctioned football or baseball activities. If I liked basketball too I would never have to take a break. However, other than that late 90s/early 2000s Sacramento Kings run, I've just never gotten too into it. I seriously had to force myself to watch the playoff run of a couple years ago when the Warriors surprised the Mavericks, and then got sucked in, and am glad I did, but still, it took a lot to get me to watch it.

So now we find ourselves on the cusp of another new season. Every season is filled with a certain degree of hope, because of course you never know, but this season is better. You have three spring outlook options. The aformentioned hope, then years like last camp that are full of potential. We are now in the third tier, the fun tier, where we are now filled with expectation. The feeling that anything short of a playoff berth is nothing less than failure. That is where we stand, and that, my friends, is where we want to be. We better make it to the post season this year. We won 88 games with our church bingo granny offense last year, and its improved. Not only that, but very quietly everyone else in the division with the exception of Arizona got worse. It's been damn near handed to us. I will say that I do never know what to expect out of Colorado, and they can make or break the deal as well. Sometimes they just get so hot they become unstoppable. That being said, Jim Tracy's "charm" has yet to work two years in a row, so I have an inkling they will stink. You never know, though.

I think this should be a good year, a fun year. We should play consistently winning baseball, and I see a big year coming from Huff, and over 30 homers from the Panda. I predict Posey ending the year as the starting catcher, and I see Freddy Sanchez hitting .330 in a full year at a ballpark that was built for his hitting style. These may seem like big predictions, but they are all attainable. That being said, I don't see the bullpen having as good of a year as they did last year, except for the back end. Brian Wilson will tighten it up and blow less than four saves this year. Matt Cain will lead the team in wins, Zito will lose less than 10 and keep his ERA under 4.00, and last but not least, in my boldest prediction yet, and actually I already made it in a previous article, Nate Schierholtz will have breakout year. I'm talking 50 walks, .300 average, 15 HRs, 70 RBI, 30 2Bs, 5 3Bs, and a gold glove. See how crazy I sound in October.

In summation, if they don't win, it's just gonna be plain unacceptable.

(The Realistic Giants fan appears every Monday and Friday, from here on out. Promise. Feel free to email me at realisticgiantsfan@yahoo.com)

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  1. Mularkey don't be so tough on yourself, I am sure there are more people like myself who check out the writing while checking out the links everyday. You have it nailed about the NFL pushing the Super Bowl back, I barely had any bad days this year missing my sports fix. All I had to do was watch a couple of basketball games not involving the PAC 10 and now I am back to MLB for 7 months.