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No Big Huff and Puff: Latest Move Will Probably Be Offseason's Last Splash

Now that the Giants have made there latest move in signing veteran journeyman Aubrey Huff there lineup is staring to take shape. It also probably signals the end to the Giants moves this offseason, sad as that may sound. Go ahead and take a good look, I think we are looking at our 2010 Giants.

Should we be excited about Huff? I guess you should be, he's definitely an improvement. The plan as I'm sure you've heard is for him to play first base, which means that positions are becoming more set, and Juan Uribe really is going to occupy the super utility position. Bruce Bochy killed all thoughts of a spring competition between Uribe and Renteria by promising us "a new Edgar" this upcoming season, which puts me in the unenviable position of rooting for an injury. Pablo also seems to be locked down at third base, which I do like. He picked it clean all year long, and actually looked uncomfortable at first to me. The local press seems to push for his removal to first base, all because of his prodigious panda like girth, but third is about quick feet more than actual speed, and Pablo definitely has quick feet. Huff's arrival will also move Travis Ishikawa, a fine late inning defensive replacement, to the bench where he belongs.

Mangement also seems a lot more comfortable entering the season with the dynamic catching duo of Buster Posey and Eli Whiteside. I realize that Buster Posey has the potential to be a great offensive player, but right now its reminding me of the spring we entered camp with Bobby Estalella and Doug Mirabelli as our catching options. However, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If they both struggle in the spring there will indefinitely be some veteran catcher floating around. In the aforementioned spring the Giants stumbled upon an aging Benito Santiago, and that turned out alright (thanks to BalCo?).

So there you are, unless I get surprised, your 2010 Giants, minus a couple of minor moves here and there. Oh, and pencil Bumgarner in as the fifth starter already. The men in charge are all hush hush on whether or not he will get the job, but I see a kid who can perform. I see no reason why that will change in camp, so barring injury he'll be in there. Now the rest of you can deduce the rest of the lineup, and put them in order like so many of you like to do on the forums. I personally can't stand it when people do that, as I usually think they are wrong in their assumptions, but refuse to stoop low enough as to correct someone's projected lineup on an internet message board. I've come close though. That being said, this roster as is will probably involve Aaron Rowand leading off. People will point to the fact Rowand had a good run as our leadoff hitter last year, and that is true, but, Rowand is a seventh place hitter. He has no business leading off. I liked the prospect of Velez leading off better, and I wasn't crazy about that. With Huff coming in to play first, De Rosa will now play left field and Eugenio will be removed from the line-up. It really has become quite a complexion change when you look at it as a whole.

No big splashes, but it's improved.

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