SF Giants Interviews: Brian Wilson, Madison Bumgarner and Sergio Romo

Have you ever wondered where you can spot Brian Wilson on an off day, or where Madison Bumgarner loves to play ball at other than AT&T Park? SF Giants Rumors was able to score some interviews with San Francisco Giants players Wilson, Bumgarner and Sergio Romo! More interviews will be posted soon, so continue to visit SF Giants Rumors Q&A to keep updated with all our interviews!

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Giants Playoffs 2012

After the San Francisco Giants have done the unthinkable by winning three games on the road in Cincinnati to win the NLDS, the Giants are now in a battle with the Cardinals for the NLCS. The winner will face the Tigers or Yankees in the World Series.

The G-men haven't been getting the kind of starting pitching that fans in San Francisco have come accustom too. However, Ryan Vogelsong had a tremendous start last night. He pitched 7 solid innings and just giving up 1 run. Let's hope this becomes contagious and Matt Cain follows that up in game 3.

Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday slid into Marco Scutaro to break up a double play. It might not sound like a bad play, but Holliday failed to slide till he was on top of the bag. Which means he wasn't sliding to try to be safe and break up the play. He was trying to take Scutaro out.

The Giants have issued any payback to Holliday for this, but I'm sure in time Holliday will get paid by the Giants for his services.

What's your thoughts on the take out slide that injured Scutaro?

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SF Giants Rumors

This Weeks SF Giants News

It's time to do a little reflecting on this past week. The San Francisco Giants have watched their magic number shrink daily, and the Dodgers have seen their impulse in spending go straight to the trash.

Payday for the G-Men is the first and 15th of the month during the regular season. That's really not important at all, but in this case it actually is... You might remember an outfielder by the name of Aaron Rowand? Well the Giants have officially cut their last check to him, and all I can say is it's about time!

Earlier in the week, Madison Bumgarner collected his 15th win on the season. The last lefty pitcher in a Giants uniform to get 15 wins in a season was Shawn Estes in 2000. Which also happen to be the first year of Pacific Bell Park (later named SBC Park and then AT&T Park).

Some news came out that a NL official says he can see Josh Hamilton land in San Francisco next season. I would love to see this happen, but let's get real... This will never happen! Hamilton when focused and in the zone can help any team score runs and get some wins. However, he is a liability and comes with some baggage. As one reader told me, "You know he needs a 24/7 babysitter, right?".

Bruce Bochy was showing some love for 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith today. Bochy was wearing a 49ers hat during his pre-game interviews today at AT&T Park. You ask why is that showing Smith love? The NFL has told Smith that they will fine him $15K if he wears a Giants hat to the post game press conference again. Smith has always enjoyed rocking the Orange & Black after games when he talks to the media.

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Giants and Dodgers Showdown Starts Friday

The San Francisco Giants are leading the NL West by 4.5 games. There is still a lot of baseball to be played. As I'm writing this the Giants are trailing the Diamondbacks 6-2 in the 8th inning. The Padres lead the Dodgers 4-3 in the 8th as well.

If the scores stay as is, then the Dodgers will come to town Friday still trailing by 4.5 games. Both teams will be limping into this series and looking to get hot for the final push in the quest to win the NL West.

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